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Experiment freezes always on mac computers after running for 30 minutes

I’m asking for a friend here, whose post is somehow automatically spammed. Here’s his original question:

Hi Everyone,
I tried creating my experiment using Psychopy and everything seemed to be running fine. I could speed through all the trials without an error and get to the end. The data file that was being created was also exactly the way I wanted it. However, when the experiment is run for about 30 minutes, it freezes. (Participants are not supposed to speed through it but spend more time at each trial). I am not able to understand why. It doesnt even give an error. I can press esc to close the experiment (but this takes about 2-5 minutes to actually work).

Here is a link to my experiment.
Here is what I tried.

Removed all my print statements

Switched off and restarted the machine

Removed the logging (my csv was good enough)

I realised that win.timeOnFlip was creating a list for every update, so I commented that out in another version

I tried running it from the Coder.

I also tried all permutations of the steps above.

The only time that the experiment ran successfully to completion was when I used a windows laptop. (Apart from when I speed through it).

I tried running it on other Macs available in the lab and it started hanging there as well. I am using macOS Mojave 10.14.6 .

Its also worth mentioning that I dont get this message that I got on the windows laptop
‘pygame 1.9.6
Hello from the pygame community.’
instead I get a warning from python 2020-01-23 22:15:17.289 python[488:5938] ApplePersistenceIgnoreState: Existing state will not be touched. New state will be written to (null). I can get the welcome message if I do a ‘conda activate psychopy and open psychopy through the terminal.’

Since the experiment is interactive, there are a lot of components that are rendered on each frame. I am not sure if this is overloading the memory or something like that.

I dont know how to proceed. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. All computers in my lab are from Apple. So I really need to fix this before I can proceed my project.