Experiment freezes in moviestim on pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I run an experiment on pavlovia about three month ago. When I now run my experiment, it randomly freeze at the end of a moviestim routine. The experiment runs smoothly during sampling and was not updated during this time.
On the contrary, when I run the same experiment in local it runs smoothly.
What could have caused this problem? Were there any updates to the pavlovia platform that may have caused this problem?

I have the very same problem. Last time I piloted my experiment (15 dec 2020) it ran smoothly offline & online. The same (online) experiment now freezes randomly at the end of a moviestim routine. All videofiles are .mp4 & I created the experiment using PsychoPy v2020.2.10, MacOS Catalania version 10.15.7.

Has anyone been able to figure out what the problem is or how to solve it?

I have the same problem with the newly created experiment. Runs ok offline, freezes at the end of movie routine, every time the video is different.

No real solution - but for me switching the browser from Safari to Google Chrome helped.

I always did run it in chrome, and it was freezing there as well. but thanks!

I have the same problem! Movies pause at the end of each stim, on Pavlovia but not when played locally. Would be great to hear any tips to get around this. Also how does it combine with the recorded timing of the experiment?