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Exiting fullscreen mode on mobile

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
had unusual behaviour today testing and couldn’t figure out what it was - managed to replicate the error and it seems there is issues when participants exit fullscreen mode whilst the study is running?

Is this a problem anyone else has had and is there a way around it?

for reference the background should be all blue.


i’m not sure the issues are just down to that anymore - these are issues that I wasn’t experiencing until today and now they seem rampant - is there some issue with the pavlovia side of things?

update: exiting fullscreen on laptops doesn’t cause a problem. Some other phones seem to start the study not in fullscreen and they experience bugs.
#update: touchscreen responsiveness is also failing now too after a number of trials (only on mobile).

This doesn’t seem to be any issue with my code and only seems to be a very recent problem, could someone advise please?
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