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Pavlovia Not Running Fullscreen

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I have my experiment set to open in Full Screen in the Experiment Settings. When I try to pilot the study, the screen will go black after I hit “run”. If I leave the screen black too long, all of Chrome (and other browsers) crash or start not responding. If I press “esc”, I’m able to continue the study in the browser window. If the browser window is maximized, the screen will remain black and browser will crash without giving me the option to run the study in the window. If I have the study running in a window (after pressing “esc” when the screen was black), I’m unable to change the size of the window, or else the browser crashes again.

Could this be due to the size of my study?? I have 193 files required in the repository. Or, is it more likely a problem with my device? Or some Pavlovia setting that I’m somehow overlooking??