Error when running online 'the configuration file could not be found' (config.json)

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:

Hi everyone. I’ve had a load of different issues taking my experiment which works perfectly in Builder and running it as a pilot on Pavlovia. It had been working apart from an ‘unknown resource’ error for one specific set of resources, even though the resources were loaded in the experiment repository. In trying some things to fix this (mainly taking the resources (images) out of a folder and just having them all in the main repository folder), Psychopy/Pavlovia got very confused and ended up not allowing me to sync at all, and the builder not even recognising that the experiment was linked to a project.

I deleted the project, uninstalled and reinstalled Psychopy as this had worked previously to solve an issue, changed the resources folder back to exactly how it was, changed the experiment back to how it was, and synced again via creating a new project. However now the experiment won’t even start running when I click ‘pilot’, and the following error appears:


Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when starting the experiment
  • when configuring PsychoJS for the experiment
  • when reading the configuration file: config.json
  • the configuration file could not be found

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. The psyexp file is attached in case that helps. Please bear in mind that I’m fairly new to all of this!

idiolect_t1.psyexp (91.8 KB)

Update: no reason for the error, I deleted the project and retried with a new project and this particular error no longer appeared