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Config.json error

URL of experiment repo:
URL of task:

Hi everyone,

I’ve mocked up a task in JS with the hopes of building it into a full experiment that we can run on Pavolvia. The task ran fine on a local server, but when I host it on pavlovia in order to pilot it I run into an error when calling psychoJS.start(). At first, the error indicated that a file called config.json was missing. I added a JSON containing some experiment metadata based on an example json I found in one of the demo tasks. However, the program now gives me the error in a dialogue box at the start of the task:

  • when starting the experiment
  • when opening a session for experiment: SELAB/Ebbinghaus
  • when opening a session on the server
  • unknown experiment

This is the JSON

	"experiment" : {
		"name" : "ebbinghaus",
		"fullpath" : "SELAB/Ebbinghaus"

	"pavlovia" : {
		"URL" : ""

I hope I haven’t missed some obvious documentation about the config file or the .start() call. Could anyone tell me how to resolve this issue? psychoJS.start({config: undefined}); doesn’t help



Bumping this. I hope that the solution is just a JSON with the right data, but I’m not sure what those data should be.