Error sistem founded during using builder

Hi, I hope someone can help me, thanks

**PsychoPy 2022.2.3:
**Standard Standalone? (yes):
**What are you trying to achieve: I was making an experiment in builder, adding some stimuli (rectangles) and changing its characteristis
**What did you try to make it work?: I don´t really understand the problem so I close the window error and continue, it continue happening about 3 or 4 times

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
wx._core.wxAssertionError: C++ assertion “(argtype & (wxFormatStringSpecifier::value)) == argtype” failed at C:\PROJECTS\bb2\dist-win64-py38\build\ext\wxWidgets\include\wx/strvararg.h(484) in wxArgNormalizer::wxArgNormalizer(): format specifier doesn’t match argument type

The above exception was the direct cause of the following exception:

SystemError: <class ‘wx._core.SetCursorEvent’> returned a result with an error set

I think this is the same error as in this thread, what were you trying to do when the error happened?