Error Saving Data using "id" from Qualtrics

I am currently attempting to run a study in which we are transferring an “id” variable from SONA to Qualtrics into Pavlovia so we can keep track of which participants are completing our experiments. When testing our study using “run” instead of “pilot”, I received this error at the end having to do with saving the data:
Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 7.00.57 PM

I’m not sure if this error is due to server issues due to the recent fire at the Pavlovia server building or if it is an issue with my URL (MASTERTASK [PsychoPy] )
as I added the appendage at the end to indicate that the “participant” variable be filled in using the “id” data in Qualtrics.
If anyone could help out on this issue that would be greatly appreciated as we are trying to run a pilot study before the end of the week!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Please could you show a screenscot of the end of your URL as created in Qualtrics. It came out as ?participant=%24%7Be://Field/id%7D in the link you just shared instead of ?participant=${e://Field/id}

Hello! I also use Sona, Qualtrics, and Pavlovia and made a step-by-step when I was trying to figure it out so that I can help others in the future. If you follow the steps, it’ll work.