Error: resources should be either (a) a string or (b) an array of string or objects

I have a trial that branches. In the branched ‘instructions’ routine i have inserted a ‘Resource Manager’ component and a custom ‘Code’ component as instructed in the “Specify the files to download at the start” documentation page.

But when i run the experiment online, everything works fine until i get to the trial branch. There, i get the following message:

when preparing resources for experiment: testXP_3_14
resources should be either (a) a string or (b) an array of string or objects

Interestingly, i use the same format as i do to initiate the ‘additional resources’ in the Properties>Online tab (which works great):


Please advise. Thank you!!


I encountered the same error here. Any workaround to resolve this issue?

How are you separating the resources? You might need to use a comma.

I haven’t tried the new component myself yet but I will be using it soon.

I have the same problem. has there been any solution?


I’ve just tried to add a custom item to a resource manager component.

itemList failed (it was looking for a file called itemList)
$itemList failed (PsychoPy objected to the dollar symbol)

No solution yet.

I did find a work-around, but it has been a while and i don’t remember exactly what it was. Once i get my old computer up and running i will have a look.

My workaround was to use a code component for the custom file:

{ name: (itemFile), path: (itemFile) }

Hi @wakecarter, could you specify where you would use that code component: in every routine that uses resources that were downloaded by the resource manager? And there would you write the code in the “begin routine” tab or in another? I have the same error message as above described, so thank you very much!