Error: pilot mode will not launch, "error when fetching the experiment designer"

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: This is an error I’ve never seen before, so I’m stumped, and can’t find it already answered. I have set up a jsPsych experiment on Pavlovia, hosted on a group namespace. When I go to pilot the study, I get this error message:

Text is: “Error when fetching the experiment designer: No locally stored information about the current user is available. Please try logging out and logging back in. If the error persists, contact Pavlovia’s administrator.”

I have tried the logging out and back in through both accounts associated with the group, and still get the same message. I don’t believe it’s anything specific to the experiment, it seems like something having to do with the Gitlab user set-up perhaps? I don’t have any similar issues with other studies I’m running on my account.

Thank you in advance for any help!