Error on pavlovia with a picture but seems ok on psychopy?

Description of the problem:
In my task, I’m using a big folder of 200+ pictures which I’ve coded in an excel sheet just like every single forum told me to. No problem here, BUT THERE IS ONE IMAGE. Just ONE that DOES NOT likes me so it crashes the task when I try to upload it on PAVLOVIA. The thing is, it works on psychopy but when I tried it on Pavlovia, it just crashes as if I didn’t upload the picture or erase it. (I’ve redone the test 3 times to see if I’ve done something wrong but it’s always the same picture that seems to be messing with me.) The picture is a machine, not a corpse, not gore, nothing pavlovia would refuse.

Here’s more details on what I’ve done :
I’ve tried every easy solutions there are to make it work (yes, like renaming the picture itself and the name of the pic in Excel to something else, replace the picture and keep the name the same, yes I’ve look and rewritten the name folder to see if it fits the pictures and it does) but it still doesn’t seem to be working.

The image is named 119.PNG. (This one below…)

If any of you have a few spare seconds to help me out… please do.

Kind regards,
-a crying BA psychology student who hates Excel.

Your excel spreadsheet looks like it has complete absolute paths, which shouldn’t work on Pavlovia for ANY of the images (not just that one). Try making the text in the excel file just “images/[filename].png” for starters.

You could also try adding the file to ‘additional resources’ in the experiment settings, in case it’s not being loaded properly for whatever reason.

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Thank you, dear!!