Error Message - Variable Tone

Recently the error message: * ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: Tone appears at the beginning of the task - I think it corresponded with the Psychopy update but I cannot be certain.

URL of experiment: VMA [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: It still allows participants to run and complete the task, however occasionally the cursor will not appear at the beginning of every trial. The error also doesn’t seem to appear to all participants.

Wondering if anyone knows how to debug this error?!


Hey Matthew,

This problem indeed occurred on certain browsers with older versions of PsychoJS. If I’m not mistaken, the newest version solved it, so if you’d regenerate the JS for your experiment it should work out.

Cheers, Thomas

Thanks, Matthew. I’ve gotten the same error. How does one regenerate the JS code in Pavlovia? And what is the best browser to use to avoid this error?

You can export the experiment anew from the builder. See the tutorial below. Now in the experiment settings you can specify for which version you’d like to export.

Also, I’d recommend Chrome; that browser tends to be the most stable.