Error initializing tobii eye tracker (when i run the experiment)

Hello guys !

I have a problem with psychopy and the tobii eye tracking…

When i run the experiment which begin with the tobii eye tracking, an error message appear :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\builder\”, line 1275, in runFile
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\lib\site-packages\psychopy\app\runner\”, line 749, in runLocal
generateScript(experimentPath=currentFile.replace(‘.psyexp’, ‘’),
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\lib\site-packages\psychopy\scripts\”, line 91, in generateScript
compileScript(infile=exp, version=None, outfile=filename)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\lib\site-packages\psychopy\scripts\”, line 229, in compileScript
_makeTarget(thisExp, outfile, targetOutput)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\lib\site-packages\psychopy\scripts\”, line 209, in makeTarget
script = thisExp.writeScript(outfile, target=targetOutput)
File “C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\lib\site-packages\psychopy\”, line 297, in writeScript
File "C:\Program Files\PsychoPy\lib\site-packages\psychopy\experiment\components\settings_init
.py", line 1274, in writeIohubCode
inits[‘eyetracker’].val = ioDeviceMap[inits[‘eyetracker’].val]
KeyError: ‘Tobii Technology’

Anyone has an idea to help me ?

Thank you for your help ^^

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I get same error when I run the demo ‘eyetrackinig.psyexp’

Hi There,

What version of PsychoPy are you using? At the moment we recommend version 2022.2.5 as the most stable release for eye tracking (sorry about that, we are hoping to smooth out any bugs in the next release).

Best wishes,


I was wondering if this had been resolved or if using 2022.2.5 solved this?