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Error in viewing when opening Psychopy

I’m having a strange problem with opening and viewing windows in Psychopy.
I’m running 1.84.2 (but this problem also occurs when I tried 1.84.0). I’m running macOS Sierra 10.12.1. My issue started when I upgraded the macOS.

When I open Psychopy, no windows show up. I do see the toolbar change to be associated with Psychopy. When I select View > Enter Full Screen, Psycopy windows open in an entirely new Desktop. Basically, it creates its own mac desktop called Psychopy2. Within that window, the coder view is visible, and files can be edited and run. If I drag the tab associated with the code file, I can drag it to Desktop1 and view it with no issues. When I run the experiment, it shows up on the screen normally.
The same is not true for Builder. Opening builder files is unresponsive, and only a gray, blank screen is visible. In the Shell, I get this error:
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘[‘git’, ‘tag’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

I have tried reintalling Psychopy, reinstalling Python, and editing the monitor settings in Psychopy. All monitor settings are as they should be, at least as seen by the Monitor Center. I also deleted the app data and preferences. The problem persists.

After deleting app data and preferences, the following errors appear when attempting to open PsychoPy.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance!

I’m using Sierra on my laptop with no problems. I can enter/exit fullscreen mode without issues. If I quit while in fullscreen mode then the app next time opens not in fullscreen, but it is still visible etc.

Out of interest, did you have a second monitor connected that is now not?

That one can be ignored.

This is weird. Are you sure you did it fully? Could you retry:

  • quit psychopy
  • go to the terminal and run the command rm -R ~/.psychopy2
  • restart psychopy

When you restart PsychoPy you should see a “welcome” dialog but you can press “cancel” to get rid of that.

Reinstalling PsychoPy is unlikely to help such issues as these

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Thank you for your response!

  1. I have connected second monitors to this computer in the past. They are not connected now. As far as I can tell from the Monitor settings on Psychopy, it does not “know” about any monitor history.

  2. I had previously gone into the .psychopy2 directory and deleted ONLY preferences and configuration files within ~/.psychopy2.
    I tried it the way you recommended, and it worked!! Thank you so much!

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