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PsychoPy won't open on mac OS Sierra

I upgraded to mac OS Sierra last night. Now, PsycoPy won’t open. I am running version 1.84.2. The splash screen shows up, disappears, and then I get this error:

If I start in the Finder window and open a PsychoPy experiment (.psyexp file), I get the same errors.
If I start in the Finder window and open a script (.py), psychopy opens, as evidenced by toolbar options appearing at the top of the screen, but there are no visible windows.
Selecting View > Go to Builder View does nothing.
File > Open either .psyexp or .py files also does nothing.

Has anyone else run into an issue like this?

Thanks in advance!

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What does it say when you click on the button to view the console?

Process: security id
Message: no db or old db version, skipping


I watched the console as I opened Psychopy, and it looks like this is the error that appears:
Detected missing constraints for < private >. It cannot be placed because there are not enough constraints to fully define the size and origin. Add the missing constraints, or set translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints=YES and constraints will be generated for you. If this view is laid out manually on macOS 10.12 and later, you may choose to not call [super layout] from your override. Set a breakpoint on DETECTED_MISSING_CONSTRAINTS to debug. This error will only be logged once.

I am having a similar problem, but in my case PsychoPy does not start at all. The app icon comes up in the dock and it disappears after a second. I tryed with version 1.84.1 and still had the same issue.

That is how my problem began and it sort of evolved into what I describe here:

The solution that worked for me (described in the link above) was to delete the entire ~/.psychopy2 folder. It works perfectly now!