Error in PsychoPy - Existing Experiment (potential coding error)

URL of experiment:
Description of the problem:
Hello friends,

I’m unable to run the experiment on the web. I’ve received two errors when attempting to run the experiment.

Kindly let me know if you’re aware of how to fix this or if you can give me directions on what could be wrong!

Much appreciated, thank you so much!

The line that produces the error is cc_card_rect.setPos(None). Is this something you coded? Or did you enter “None” as a position somewhere?


Hello Ajus,

I actually haven’t touched anything when it comes to the raw code or experiment.
Simply downloaded the code from my course resources and then attempted to run it as an experiment on pavlovia web.

What are you thinking is causing this issue?
All my group members have the same issue.

If that is the case you should probably talk to the author of the experiment. In case that is not an option, please upload the psyexp file here so I can have a look.

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FrameDots.psyexp (56.5 KB)

Hello again Adrian,

we really really really appreciate your time.

The whole issue started when we realized that the experiment provided to us from our proff is not compatible with the new version of psychopy. Which is why we are running it online.

Thought it might be worth mentioning that a graduate student told us to follow these steps in order to resolve the issue of “NONE”. however even when following her steps there seems to be an issue. The issue is now showing error 403 forbidden.
From looking online, someone wrote something about the url containing html in it and that being a conflict; this is our URL

Not sure if that makes a difference or not.

FrameDots.psyexp (62.4 KB)

Here is a version that works for me using PsychoPy 2022.2.4.

What I changed:

  • deleted “html” from the online output path
  • deleted all code that was Math related (not necessary anymore)

Put this psyexp in a new folder, export JS (top bar, yellow button), then click “send to runner” and local debug mode. This way you can test whether this experiment works without uploading it to pavlovia.

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! :slight_smile:

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