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Error in online experiment

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Error: when setting the image of ImageStim: image1, the argument: 150 is not an image.

Hello there! My PsychoPy experiment goes perfectly fine but doesn’t work online. I have stimulus Image1 and name of the associated image - 150_EMD.jpg. Other file names look similarly 149_EFS.jpg and so on.

So should I change file names or is there another way to fix the problem?

my PsychoPy version is PsychoPy3

Hi @Nadya_Salikhianova, so what is the entry for your images in your conditions file? The image references are just numbers in your trial handler e.g., 150.

Thanks for the reply! I have Excel condition file, there are just names of images (e.g., 150_EMD.jpg) in columns.

Now there are another errors: WARN unknown | setting the mask of ImageStim: image1 with argument: undefined.

How should it be defined?

I think that perhaps the problem is starting your image names with numbers. The trial handler seems to be parsing the numbers, and ignoring the whole filename. Try adding a string prefix to your trial names e.g., image150.png.

Hi, did you fix the error? It is related to this issue on GitHub:

It will be a problem with how your conditions file is created. To fix:

  • Create a new conditions file
  • Copy only the cells with information from the old conditions file, to the new conditions file
  • Avoid copying whole columns, and this will also copy the empty formatted cells.
  • Save new conditions file, and delete the old, error-causing conditions file.

Yes! I found this in discussions and create a new conditions file! Thank you so much!