Error at the end of the experiment

Hello, I ran my experiment online using Prolific to recruit participants. At the end of the experiment, I have the green pop-up window that appears give participants a unique completion code. Some of the participants messaged me saying that instead of that pop-up they got the following error:


However, their data file did get saved and seems that it recorded everything properly. Does anyone have any idea why this error is occurring and how I can fix it? I would like for them to actually receive their completion code for ease of their participation verification.

Can’t you have PsychoPy redirect back to Prolific with the code already embedded?

I show them a randomly chosen code out of the 5 codes I have. Can I make prolific randomly generate one of the 5 codes?

Are you currently generating them in PsychoPy? I don’t know Prolific, but with Sona the software generates a completion code which is sent to Qualtrics/PsychoPy and then sent back again at the end, e.g.

If you need to randomly assign a code within PsychoPy then I think you might need to experiment with this quote from my crib sheet:

Your final PsychoPy routine should include words along the lines of “Please wait for the message “Thank you for your patience” to appear and then click OK to continue the experiment”. The “Completed URL” can be formatted like a text element to include variables, e.g. “["+$expName+"&participant=”+expInfo’participant’]. In Pavlovia expName is the file name for the PsychoPy file used to create the experiment. So long as you have URLs set in the experiment options, it may be possible to change them using the following command: PsychoJS.setRedirectUrls(myCompletedURL, myCancelledURL)
CompletedURL / IncompleteURL

Thank you! I will try this out and get back to you about whether it worked!