Error 2115 when adding a feedback component to experiment

Hello, I am building an experiment in builder. When I try to add a feedback componenen, I get the following error:

Alert 2115:Your stimulus size exceeds the X dimension of your window.
** For further info see**

I already checked all the sizes and they seem fine. Could this have to do something with the code I use?

begin experiment: msg=" "

begin routine: if resp.corr:

and for the text I used the following settings:
size 0.01
position: [0, 0]
text: $msg

Could anyone help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,

Tirza Smits

I solved the problem! I made a little mistake in the code. I still don’t know why I got that specific error, but I am happy I found out what the problem was. This topic may be closed.