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Emotional Schema Learning Task- How to add sound after key press


I am working on creating a task that involves randomized images and sound.

The idea is that you will see a picture (with text that asks participant what sound they think the picture will make-the participant gets to pick 1,2,3 from keyboard.) After they press 1,2,3, the text should disappear and then they will see the same picture again with a sound associated with it.

My question is,

  1. How do we remove the text after button press?
  2. How do we attach the sound file to play simultaneously while the picture is on the screen after the participant presses a key?

Thanks so much,

Suggest you split your task into two separate, consecutive routines. The keyboard component on the first is set to “Force end of routine”. The second will have a duplicate of the image component from the first routine (so the subject won’t notice any change), but no text component (so that it seems to disappear).

Controlling which sound plays on the second routine depends on how you are specifying the images and their associated possible sounds in your conditions file. Ideally post the first couple of lines of that file here so we can see what to work with.