Play movie and then sounds by pressing keys

I’m trying to use the builder to play a movie (that has no sound) and then ask participants to press the space bar to hear a sound. There will actually be a series of sound files to be heard in order-- but the participant chooses when to start them.

I assume I use the sound component > start > condition … but what is the syntax I should use? ‘space’ does not work.

I’d suggest that you split your trial over two routines. In the first, put your video component and also a keyboard component with indefinite duration, set to end the routine when the space bar is pressed. Then in the next routine, simply have the sound component set to start immediately at time 0.

Thank you! To clarify, I need the video to continue to run even after the sound component starts to play. I believe your method will stop the video from continuing to play! Please tell me I’m incorrect!!

This is why very precise descriptions of procedures are required to get useful suggestions. Going back to your original post, you also mention multiple sounds. It is simple to suggest how to get one sound to play, but that wouldn’t work if there were multiple ones in response to multiple presses.

Can you describe the exact intended sequence of events and responses precisely?

Hello Michael, I appreciate you taking the time to think about this. I apologize for being vague. The participants will need to watch a 10-15 minute video that does not pause or get interrupted. As they watch the video, they will press the space bar to hear a sound. There will be 7-10 sounds that play in sequence but can be summoned at any point during the video.

This is a sign language interpretation task. Participants will be interpreting from ASL (the video) into English. Parts of the video are distorted so the participants will press the space bar to receive an audio hint. I’m interested in the time point are the participants actually asking for the audio hint… right way? after 2 second? after 5 seconds? and whether that correlates with interpreting accuracy.