Emojis in the text

Hey people, do you know how you can code to put emojis in the instruction text ?

Hi There,

Is this for local/in lab use or online? at the moment i don’t think this is possible - but @TParsons would certainly know if I am wrong here!


Emojis are ultimately just unicode characters, so you can add them the same as you would any other text - I tend to just Google the emoji and then copy and paste from something like emojipedia.

However, whether the emojis show up in your experiment will depend on whether the font you’re using for the text/textbox supports them. If you try to run and find the emojis show up as a hollow box, that generally means you need to try a different font.

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Thank you, that is what I thought. I think the default font in PsychoPy is Open Sans but I am not sure. I am working with a code and I am guessing it is using the default font.