Edit psyexp file for creating a new experiment

I inherited a fully working psychopy experiment with its corresponding psyexp (let’s call it Full.psyexp).
I need to make a few (say 4 or 5) variants of it that contain only a subset of the tasks.
I looked at the contents of the psyexp file and I see that, in the end, there is a section with
the sequence of tasks. Is it enough that I cancel from the section the tasks that I don’t want to execute for a variant and save the psyexp file with a different name? (say Subset1.psyexp).
My idea is to create the 4 or 5 variants in this way, then create (from the builder) the corresponding
python (.py) codes and finally create a simple menu to select one of the variants.
Does it make sense or is there a better solution?
Please, bear with me because I am new to psychopy!
Thanks in advance for any help/suggestion!

Unless there is a reason why you want to keep the data separate, I would have a drop-down in the expInfo dialogue box and then use the result to select the required rows from the spreadsheet, or select the spreadsheet.

If you are running the experiment online you can change the URL to prefill the version.

Thanks for your prompt reply! The experiments should run locally after the download of the code.
My idea is to have people use the standalone version of psychopy (for Windows and MacOS) and
download a zip archive with the Python code of all the variants (with no need to start the builder).
The experiments’ results will be sent to a remote server for processing.
I will look at the expInfo dialogue box.
Thanks again!