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Edge of screen cutting off images and text

I recently programmed an experiment that I was running in a lab setting and I’m now looking to finish my data collection online.
However when I run the code now it’s as if there’s an issue with the full screen option and I’m having to move all of my elements towards the centre in order to stop them being cut off.

I’ve programmed a similar study using the same initial 4 or 5 routines and I don’t have the same issue in that script. From what I’ve read it could be an earlier routine affecting the remaining routines but I’m unsure which one is causing the issue.

Condition1.psyexp (317.9 KB)

It’s the form element in debq which is creating an aperture.

Is your import webbrowser code working in the Redirect.

Ah! I assumed it would be something early on.
Thanks so much!

To clarify, I don’t think forms work online, but I had this aperture issue with an offline experiment last year. I’m using Qualtrics for questionnaire aspects of my experiment.

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