Double mouse clicks and incorrect feedback

URL of experiment: new_grid [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I have a working visual pattern task (with grids) both locally and on line two years back (v. 2020) with help from @dvbridges. The thread on the task is at (How to present all the squares at the same time using the custom code? - #13 by mayling). (46.4 KB)

Forward to today, when I attempted to run the codes again on the newer version of psychopy (v. 2021.2.3), I got multiple errors such as FutureWarning: elementwise comparison failed; returning scalar instead, but in the future will perform elementwise comparison

and g1[tile].fillColor == g2[tile].fillColor: ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all()

I changed it to g1[tile].fillColor is g2[tile].fillColor:

I modified the python codes but now I have other problems:

On local (PsychoPy):

  1. I need to double-click before I can change the grid box from white to black.
  2. Similarly, I need to double-click to change it back to white.
  3. The feedback is incorrect.

Online (Pavlovia):

  1. It is stuck at the “initializing the experiment” stage.

I’m have minimal knowledge of Python and zero knowledge of JS. Any kind soul who can point me to which part of codes that I need to fix? Or else, any keywords that I should google for solutions?


new_grid.psyexp (43.7 KB)
cond.xlsx (8.3 KB) (46.4 KB)

Hi There,

Which version od 2020 did this run in? Have you considered using the “Use Version” option in the experiment settings dropdown? :experiment_settings: that will allow you to run old experiments in the newer release.