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Unwanted mouse double click with upgrade to 2021.2.3


I have an experiment which shows an image in response to clicking an object which I’ll call “button_object” Clicking button_object makes an image appear. The mouse is called “mouse_object” for this example. The code is essentially:

if mouse_object.isPressedIn(button_object):
     <...image visualization code here...>

On Psychopy v2020.2.8, this worked perfectly. If someone clicked button_object, then the stimulus appeared.
With the most recent upgrade to v2021.2.3, all mouse presses now have to be double clicked for anything to happen. Over many trials, this adds to the fatigue.

Is there a way I can fix this?


I spoke too soon! The problem is solved by my simply setting it to “Use PsychoPy Version v2020.2.8”.

Knowing a long term solution to be able to use the newest version would still be appreciated. Thanks!

I’ve unmarked downgrading as a solution to this issue so it’s more likely to get noticed. Did you experience it on multiple browsers or devices or just one.

Sounds good!

I experienced this on one computer using MacOS Big Sur v11.5.1. I have not tried it on any other device.