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Do we need more forum categories?

Before PsychoJS, the coding categorie used to mostly have questions on Python code with some questions on code components with the builder interface. Now, it’s a mix of Python and JS questions. I know my way around Python, but I’m just getting familiar with JS and PsychoJS. But there is no way to just get notifications for Python questions.

With the builder category, it’s even more confusing because many questions don’t indicate whether the experiment should run online. In many cases, the answer would differ depending on whether the experiment should run online because there are many functionalities which are not (yet) translated to JS. For me, I think it would make things easier if the category of a question already indicated whether the experiment should run online.

Maybe the forum would profit from splitting up the categories in something like:

  • Builder online
  • Builder offline
  • Coding Python
  • Coding JS

I think it would work if people put all online questions into online and left Builder and Coder for offline.

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I agree. But unfortunately, that is not the way the coding and builder categories are used at the moment. :confused:

@jon Are admins able to move threads from one category to another? Also, could offline be added to Coder and Builder. Using coder online is actively discouraged and it would be good to tidy up the blurring of lines between the sections.

So maybe:

  • Online
  • Builder (lab-based)
  • Python coding

(i.e. just renaming the existing categories to be more explicit)