Do survey responses download in alphabetical order?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently running a survey and am having an issue with the format of the responses I’ve downloaded.
In the survey design I named each question in my survey so it would be easier to analyse once I’d downloaded the responses. However, I only named a large number AFTER the survey was running (this was my first time using the platform for a survey!). So, when I downloaded them most rows were labelled Q1,2,3 etc., and unfortunately do not appear in the order in which they appeared in the survey (if I remember correctly when I was creating the survey questions were numbered according to the order in which they were created not their position within the survey). I’m not sure if there is a way to access the original question names (i.e. their numbers) but so far I haven’t been able to so as of right now I effectively have no idea what questions the answers I have correspond to. It’s not a huge deal for the qualitative questions as it’s easy enough to determine based on the responses, but the quantitative is another story.

I was told that responses download alphabetically according to question name but unfortunately this is not the case for my data (a question labelled ‘road accident’ appears before ‘court’ , ‘substance’ before ‘friends’ etc.). I’ve already tried everything I can think of so any and all advice/suggestions would be much appreciated!



I’m having the same problem now, did you find a solution