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Do I need to specify monitor details?

I have been playing around with different monitor size/widths settings in Monitor center, and it seems to have no effect on the size of my experimental stimuli (lines drawn in pixel units and textstim) at all. The screen size always defaults to the actual screen size of my monitor, and all the stimuli stay the same size.

Wondering if there is any point in specifying a monitor in this case, as compared with just using the default testMonitor?

I don’t know, whether this is the only case in which specifying a monitor makes sense, but specifying the monitor size is especially important, when you use “visual degrees” as the units with which you draw your stimuli.

See here under “degrees of visual angle”.

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Also, have you selected “full screen” for your experiment? It only really makes sense to choose smaller dimensions than the native resolution if the window is not full screen.

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Ah, the degrees of visual angle point makes sense.

Yes, I have specified full screen. So smaller dimensions than the native resolution may not affect anything if the window is full screen? The screen width setting also seems not to affect anything, which makes sense I guess because most of my units are specified in pixels. My text also doesn’t change size, so I guess maybe that is figured out in pixels as well (I have set height which I believe works by font).