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Disabling partial data collection midway through an experiment

I found a way to disable partial data collection midway. This is especially useful because credits are consumed even when very little data is generated. So we can enable partial data collection only after a certain amount of blocks have been performed and disable it until those blocks are completed.

I needed this especially because my practice and main experiment are on the same link however the practice data is not needed and furthermore we ask the participant to abort the experiment when they are done practicing (hence the unnecessary consumption of credits)

Anyone can easily add this JavaScript line to whatever place they wish (depending on their preferences and conditions) and this will allow you to toggle partial data collection.

psychoJS._config.experiment.saveIncompleteResults = false; // disable partial data collection


That sounds great

You describe disabling partial data collection. Does it work the other way? Disabled by default and enabled using your code?

I tested this just now. Yes, you can keep partial data collection disabled on the dashboard and enable it midway through the experiment by setting it to true.

As far I tested it works fine. Though as the dashboard states, this is an experimental feature so I don’t know how well it works to be honest. As far as I tested, there seems to be no issue.

Also, this setting is a per-participant setting so it doesn’t affect the experiment’s data collection globally, the setting is only applied to that specific participant in that specific session, which is what I gathered from my tests.

Excellent. I’ll try it out.

I’m thinking of adding this by default in my final routine just in case there’s an issue with waiting for the “Thank you for your patience” message.

I’m working with version 2021.1.2 and this works for Chrome but not for Firefox.

Interesting. This is most possibly due to a JavaScript issue but I’m not that well-versed with JS versioning and differences across browsers.