Consuming credits in Pavlovia online experiments

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Hi guys.
I have conducted an online experiment using Pavlovia.
I have a question about credits.
Why are credits consumed even though the participants do not finish the experiment?
I got five results, but 10 credits were consumed not reserved.

Does anyone know about this issue?

Credit consumption is related to data output, rather than experiment completion.

If you enable partial data collection, credits will be consumed regardless of experiment completion.

There is a setting on the dashboard on Pavlovia to disable partial data collection, uncheck that to make sure data is generated only if the experiment is completed.

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Thanks for your information.
Then, when does data collect and when are credits consumed?
For example, There are 5 completed results and 34 aborted results in my online experiment but still only 10 credits are consumed.

I am not sure why that would happen. If you had partial data collection enabled, you would have 34 credits consumed.

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Hello @Dasom_Kwon,

In the interest of fairness, we do not consume a credit if the experiment result contains almost no data. That covers situations when a participant starts the experiment and immediately leaves. It would seem unfair to then consume a credit.
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Thank you guys.
I solved this problem through your information.

I was wondering if there was a way for the creators to manual assign credits to a project? It worked fine for my last project but it is unfortunately not letting me assign my purchased credits to the new experiment.
Thank you

Could you share the path of your experiment with me so I can look into the matter for you?

Of course. Thank you so much.
The project is under Baghami 3 October Version
created under user : lwhitfield
I am the 2nd developer : poojamkher , , if that helps
I wanted half of my credits assigned to this project if possible
created: 2020-10-06
updated: 2020-10-07
GitLab Id: #67582

I dont know if this link would help but I will paste it.

Hello @Pooja_Kher,

At the moment it is not possible for someone to assign credits to an experiment that they did not create. That will change in the near future but has not been implemented just yet.
But since the two of you share the same institutional email domain, I would suggest that you share some of your credits with lwhitfield. There is a [Share credits] button on the Credits tab of your dashboard for just that purpose.
Let me know if that helps!