Diffrent randomization with 3 parameters in one Loop

Hey everyone!

In my experiment I present a picture (picture_one) then a short blank and then the same picture with an item missing (picture_two). There are 24 conditions/pictures each. Then there is also simutaneously either no music, fast music, or slow music playing in the background.

My problem:
Initially the randomization with the loop function of the Builder was good because the picture pairs have to stick together (shuffled in order but not randomized), but I want the music parameter to be independently randomize, so that each picture pair either gets no, fast or slow music.

Is there a way how I can code a randomization of the music parameter and leave the picture parameters how they are? And also can I implement the coded music variable in the same loop?

I have no former Psychopy or coding experience. I also looked thoroughly at the posts that already exist about randomization and also watched youtube videos but I’m not competent enough to apply it on my experiment. Any help is appreciated!

(I repeated the three music conditions because I thought it would help with the randomization)

Have a look at my independent randomisation demo in the Online Demos thread in the blog category.

thanks my issue has been fixed.