Difficulty integrating survey component into Pavlovia

URL of experiment:
Basic demo files:


The experiment I would like to get running:


Description of the problem: I updated to 2023.2.1 to get the survey component going. I am trying to use the survey component both before and after then main experimental task. The issue I am running into now is a Reference error Dict not defined. If I don’t use the survey component I can get it running with pavlovia just fine, when I input the survey component it takes away the start up GUI asking for inputs. I don’t mind if it takes away that GUI but what I think is happening is that this means the experimental dictionary is not being set up (hence the reference error). I tried putting in a routine before the survey component in the hopes that would help it set up the dictionary. I also tried using a local JSON file rather than searching for it. Either way I end up with the same outcome.

Help would be much appreciated as my brainstorming has resulted no more ideas,

Many thanks - a basic demo of my problem has been made public, also the more complicated version too.

This is a bug introduced in 2023.2.0 (by code intended to handle matrix tables) and fixed in 2023.2.2, so you could either revert to 2023.1.4- (before this was added, but also before matrix tables were handled properly) or update to 2023.2.2+ (after the bug was fixed).

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Thanks, I cannot find the 2023.2.2 release. Is it released yet?

My mistake, I thought it was released because it appears for me but on closer inspection it’s still in draft mode, meaning we’re still checking it over to make sure the things we say are fixed actually are fixed… But it should be out very soon!

Awesome :slight_smile:
I will wait until then! Thanks for letting me know.

Hi TParsons , thanks for the reply.
I am having the same issue as mconst, and I was wondering whether you knew when the 2023.2.2 update will be coming out (an approx idea, as going back to the 2023.1.4 does not seem to be working for me)?

Thanks :))

We’re expecting 2023.2.2 this week.

I’m using 2023.1.3 for integrated surveys at the moment (a separate install, not via Use Version)