Differing CSV output file depending on PC or Mac- want to match the Mac

I have an issue with the output .CSV files that my script (run in Psychopy 2021.2.3) is generating. I have feedback messages that I would like to be written into the spreadsheet and I have the appropriate code to do so: thisExp.addData(‘msg’,msg). There is also a variable ‘k’ that is generated based on performance (code: thisExp.addData(‘k1’,k1) that I would like written into a column on the spreadsheet.

My issue is that if the experiment is run on a PC, it does not write the message in the columns. The .csv output gives the start and stop time for the feedback message but does not output the actual text of the message. However, with a Mac, it writes the message onto the spreadsheet and I have no problem. Is there a way for the .csv output in a PC to match that of a Mac and display the feedback and “k” in the output datafile?

Hello frapper121

do you mind posting the relevant code-component and routine?

Best wishes Jens