Different rating scales to specific stimulus pictures


we build an experiment for our thesis. The experiment includes pictures where different emotions are represented. Overall we have 5 different emotions. We want to have specific sliders for specific pictures. 2 Emotions are represented in one picture and we want to have 3 sliders, 2 with the right emotion and 1 with a different emotion. We used excel to randomize the pictures. The sliders need to change for every picture, because the emotions differ from every picture.
I hope this description of our problem is good enough and someone can help us.

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I would recommend setting up separate text components for the slider labels so you can use one slider and overlay the choices (the position of the correct choice could then the predetermined or randomised).

You might find my interactive slider demo helpful – it contains a customised slider and a slider built with code and other components (iSlider)

Thank you for your fast reply!

We tried your solution, but it always shows us this

we named a gap (i hope this is the right word in english for this) in excel with Scale_name and attached it to the experiment and named the different spaces. It always shows us the problem.
Thank you for your help!

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You have a column in Excel called Scale_name. In your component, have you called it Scale_name or Scale_Name (capitalisation is important).

In your component, is Scale_Name set to constant when it should be set each routine?