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Demo Stroop doesn‘t run

Just started using Pavlovia and PsychoPy. I want to create a Stroop experiment. Therefore, I unpacked and used the extended demo version.
I had to change the instructions, because English is not my mother tongue. Nothing else was changed.

I saved it on Pavlovia, but when I opened it again and ran the experiment via PsychoPy, only the instructions were shown. In the demo version I could press space and the experiment would start. Now, however, after I press space, the experiment closes.

When I tried to run it online on Pavlovia, PsychoPy sends an alert that PsychoPy can‘t comprehend it.

Do you have any idea what I‘ve done wrong? I only changed the instructions and saved the experiment.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

It’s possible that you added a code character into the text that confused PsychoPy. For example, a dollar sign in combination with quotes.