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Defining component start time according to a condition

Dear all,
I am new to Psychopy and struggling with some issues I believe are simple.
The thing is, I have a routine with two text components. The first component is always presented at the start of the routine (start time = 0), and the second component must be presented, in some cases, also at the beggining of the routine (start time = 0), and in other cases after 2 seconds (start time = 2000.0) Is there any way I can implement it using the builder? In the conditions file I have a column (strtTime) in wich I specify the starting time of this second text component in each trial.

Thank you very much,

Try putting $strtTime in the Start field of your second text component.

Thank you Michael,
I`ve already tried it, but it doesnt work. Seems that psychopy doesnt understand I am referring to a variable that must change every repeat. When I set $strtTime the second text component never appears.

By the way, times are set as numeric values in the xls table (0.0 and 2000.0), so I dont believe this problem is related to the cell format.

Try changing the start option from time(s) to condition and then add t>=strtTime to the text box

Hi Oli,
thank you, but it didnt work neither. Is there a way I can do it in the coder?

Any error messages? It’s working over here.

In fact - so does Michael’s solution - are you sure you’ve got the column name correct?

It worked!!
Thank you Michael and Oli. I realized I had something wrong with the values in my xlsx file.

Yes, I missed that you were using 2000 as your start time, when I guess you wanted 2000 ms rather than 2000 s…