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Is it possible to use variables from code component to define the start/end of the routine?

OS (e.g. macOS High Sierra):
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.85.2):

I am trying to vary 5 different SOAs (time between signal and target) in the same routine. So, in the code component I have a list of these 5 time intervals. SOA = [-0.1, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75]
Then, in the target’s start window i put variable $a that is defined before as (a = SOA[0+N] + 2.0). This variable means “take the current loop SOA and add to this 2 seconds”.

However, without any error the experiment does not go properly.
I added code component to print each step and equations are done correctly, however targets appears almost immediately from the beginning of the trial, not after 2s + current SOA.

So, because in the documentation I found only .status == smth or variable that appeal to xlxs file that works with $sign, I wonder does psychopy builder works with variables from code component?
I attach the experiment file
the main problem in the target_ component.

I will appreciate a lot any advise!

target_color.xlsx (28.9 KB)
Dot_exp3.psyexp (75.5 KB)

Hi @Asvarisch, the problem may be that you are defining the start time in the “expected start (s)” box, which is purely for representing the stimulus on the timeline. Add $a to the “Start” box in your target and see if the ISI start time works.

Thanx! but I put $a in the “Start” box
Actually, a have already found the solution. It turned out that “time (s)” should be picked up, not “condition”, which is strange for me because variable includes condition, it condition itself, even though as output it gives time in ms.
Anyway, problem solved!
Thank you)