Default tone instead of sound file

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:
I want to administer three sound file per trial to a user (a question, an inter stimuli silence and an answer), followed by a rating period. Sound files are accessed via paths in the conditions file.
While the experiment works offline (disabling the code component in the instructions routine (which fixes the asarray javascript issue)) well, online only the default tone (a C) is played instead of the wanted soundfile.
I have tried the following:

  • Specify a non random order (sequential)
  • Use a csv instead of a excel sheet
  • Use MP3 instead of WAV
  • created a new excel sheet (as suggested in this post a previous post)
    I am not quite sure what else I can try. Further, I am unsure whether audio tracks are even implemented in PsychoJS already?

Thanks for the help!

I use audio files online . Please could you show your audio component and or related code?

Thank you for having a look!
Please find below some screenshots of how the experiment is set up and my conditions file.
You can find the whole experiment on GitLab in the OP.


other images:


ISIs don’t work online so set during ISI is likely to fail.

Also \ should be replaced with / in your Excel

You are an absolute godsend! Thank you, removing the ISI resolved my issue!