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Dealing with Stroop Task Data, Multiple Trials

Hi all,

I just finished data collection for my experiment and I have not been able to think up an elegant solution for dealing with the form of my data output. I wonder if you have any advice. I ran a stroop task that had 12 trials. The data for each subsequent trial is offset diagonally below the trial that came before it… It’s a real pain to deal with and I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me how to not spend the weekend managing data from my 20 participants.

Any help is welcome. Thanks.

One could speculate (I suspect it is about replication in the loop structure of your experiment), but please just take a screenshot with “Freeze panes” enabled so that we can also see the top row of column header names…

Also provide a screenshot of your flow panel.

But also:

You may not want to hear this, but a key part of designing and testing any experiment is checking the format and content of the data output prior to the actual data collection phase.