Why is the saved data arranged in rows and incomplete?

In the stroop experiment, the program ran normally and received feedback. But the data saved in the Excel file after the experiment is garbled, and there is another situation where the data is all arranged in rows, with the data concentrated in the first three rows.

Which Stroop test are you using?

What does the data file look like? Please upload an example.

The experiment involves three colors and three corresponding buttons.
Is it that the result of one trial in the data table is one row? But my trial had two cycles.

Firstly use a portion for testing, the data is relatively simple.

Sorry, I can’t see the problem.

Each trial (word presentation and response) will be in a separate row in the data file.

Thank you for your answer. I understand the way data is presented, and I need to continue learning about the operation of Psychopy. Perhaps the data is not a problem, or it may be a choice of presentation method, I will try again and continue to try.