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Daily summary by e-mail

Is there a possibility to receive a daily summary of watched categories only?

At Google Groups, I received an E-Mail once a day that I could quickly go through and check for interesting topics.

Watching a category now, will result in new mails every time there are changes instead of a daily summary. Hope there is an option that I might have missed.

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You should be able to change it in your user preferences? Click your avatar to the top-right, then click the preferences-gear icon. In my preferences, I have this:

Removing immediate emails and selecting “Daily” summaries should do the trick.

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There are many settings in the user preferences (click on your user icon in top left and select the cog) that control email notifications. I’m not entirely certain what combination will achieve what you want. Possibly:

  • simply set it to be in mailinglist mode with the appropriate delivery rate. It looks like this gives you all-categories-except-those-you-mute, rather than giving you none-except-those-you-watch. But that should work.


  • turn off watching but leave on the “Activity summary” so you get periodic updates of the most-read posts, but I have no idea what that generates. I think you won’t get all messages from your selected categories that way

Thanks for your hints.

I will try the “mailing list mode” with the option “send daily updates”. This very much sounds like what I was looking for.

I have just received my first summary e-mail and it looks perfect. Thanks again for your help!