Custom File Paths for Resource Manager Component

Is there a way to insert custom defined (i.e., defined within custom code components) file paths into the list of to-be-downloaded resources for the resource manager component?

for example:

var filepath
var number
number = 1
filepath = “somepath/” + “resource_” + number.toString() + “.jpg”

And then insert this filepath string variable into the list of downloaded resources for the resource manager component within builder?
When I tried it out and looked at the javascript code, it seems like it’ll wrap whatever you put in quotations, even if it is something like $filepath, it’ll be converted to “$filepath”, leading to an error since the intention was to have filepath be inserted without quotations (since it is a variable).

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I’ve just asked and the Resource Manager doesn’t yet work with variable filenames.

You could try using a static component or a JS code component such as

{ name: (itemFile), path: (itemFile) }