CSV Output of Online Experiment: Reaction times written as dates

Hi guys,

I have been taking a look at the csv output files that were generated when I was running my study online. When I took a close look at the csv output, it seems as though the reaction times are not reported properly, e.g. “Jan.27” / “1.095.324”, e.g. sometimes as a date and sometimes as random numbers. I am unable to fix this problem by changing the delimiter for my numbers to “.” (instead of “,” which we usually use in Germany). Is there anyone here that could help me with this? If needed, I could also upload a screenshot of the csv results.

Any help is much appreciated!
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I suspect you’re trying to import your CSV file into Excel. Might that be the case?

Yes I have to in order to be able to process the information further (prepare them for SPSS).

Then my second hunch is that it’s a problem with importing into Excel. Take a look at your files in a text editor to check if those values make more sense. To fix it, try adjusting the column types while importing.


this is an Excel-problem related to a non-english setting. Excel misinterprets the decimal separator “.”. Either import the data directly in SPSS. It can read csv. Or use an Editor such as notepadd++ to clean up the csv. Or use libreOffice. It can deal with these csv.

Best wishes Jens
It would be really great if PsychoJS and PsychoPy would use the system settings or allow the user to set the decimal separator or export times in milliseconds.