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I download .csv files and open them in .xlsx format. I am receiving the values below. What is the unit, how am I going to convert them to miliseconds?

Though, in the same data- different columns- for the second block, the values come different, as below, although the blocks are identical. What is the unit here?

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Does this solution work in Pavlovia as well?

Files should not be getting saved with large numbers like that from either PsychoPy or PsychoJS (and I’d be surprised if they are). That looks more like something that has happened after saving or during import to your spreadsheet package (e.g. it has formatted the column incorrectly). Could you provide the details of your project for me to check?

Thank you Jon. What details do you need?

Encoding phase: An image and a word is presented simultaneously.
Distraction phase: some distraction
Vividness: Vividness of the distraction
Test Phase 1: click on the image that was presented in the encoding phase, among 6 alternatives
Test Phase 2: click on the word that was presented in the encoding phase, among 6 alternatives
In the first image:
mouse_retW.time: RT to test phase 2
mouse_retI.time: RT to ttest phase 1

In the second image:
The same procedure, the distraction is different.

Preferably a link to the gitlab project so I can check the files. If not then could you upload one of the csv files here directly (assuming it’s anonymous - don’t do that if you included any identifying participant info that you don’t have permission to share)

Hey Jon, I sent it via dm

OK, yes, I believe the issue is not in the data file itself but in the way your spreadsheet is reading it in and converting it, for some reason. When I look in the file, I notice that the column headers aren’t aligned with the data (maybe you deleted some data to anonymise) but then I see column BJ looking like this with what looks like the mouse_retI.time data. This is the format that PsychoPy normally outputs, with seconds as a decimal. Depending on your computer localisation settings possibly your spreadsheet app is treating the decimal place as meaning 1000 rather than a decimal? That’s my best guess, but certainly in the raw file the data look correct.


Thank you, I agree that it is due to the anonymization cause I removed 2 columns and it seems that they all moved 2 columns. What I see is:

Can you tell me how you open the .csv file and how can I fix the decimal problem? Should I just apply this column divided by 1000?


use OpenOffice. OpenOffice asks you what they should use as decimal separator when importing csv. Or change the decimal separator in the Excel-setting before importing. Or replace the decimal separator in Notepad++ (it allows you to replace a string in all opened files). Or use R to read the data specifying column and decimal separator (best option IMHO).

This is really a drawback for a non-english setup that PsychoJS and PsychoPy do not use the settings from the OS and you can not specify the column separator (you can in PsychoPy) and decimal sign.

It would also be cool if M$ would finally change the behavior of Excel when importing csv. But this error is known for years, if not decades.

Best wishes Jens

Hello, thank you for the answer. I am only familiar with excel. Currently the setting is as follows:

I unticked “use system seperator” and replaced the two options, however the result did not change. Could you please tell me where exactly I should fix the issue

Hello B.D.5

you replaced the two options with what? Do you mind uploading a csv-file that you haven’t read in Excel yet?

BTW, it is never too late late to learn something new :wink:

Best wishes Jens

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I downloaded OpenOffice and it worked. Thanks a lot.