.csv output file - Randomised loop data order and onset and offset times for components in on-line version

Hi folks.

Two quick questions. (but related to each other and I imagine other people will encounter them together so I thought I would stick 'em in a single post).

  1. the .scv data output file of my experiment includes all the data I need for each trial - but for loops in which the presentation order is randomised - the data is recorded in the sequence of the order that they were presented in. This is just going to just add an extra step in massaging the data for analysis and was wondering if there were a) a way to change this to record in the sequence within the condition file with a number specifying when it took place in the sequence. b) if not - my initial thought is to add a ‘trial number’ to the conditions file and include that in the .scv file too - which would make subsequent re-ordering simpler. Does that sound like a sensible approach? How do other people do this?

  2. I have turned off the ‘Save onset/offset times’ variable for all of my components (I really do wish that these defaulted to off rather than on) - which means my output file when I run locally is reasonably concise. BUT… I have just noticed that when I run my experiment on-line - it seems to include ALL these regardless - leaving me with a vast, sprawling, messy file. Is there any way to omit these variables in the online version?

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Hello Dan

  1. I thought trials.thisIndex reflects the original position in the stimulus file. You could also add a trial-number to your stimulus file. But why would you want to have the data recorded in the order to the stimulus file and not in the presentation order?

  2. Which version are you using? I turned off all on/offset-recordings and they are not in my data files (PsychoPy Version 2021.2.3).

Best wishes Jens

Hi Jens.

Yep, running 2021.2.3 over here.



Hello Dan,

when you use R to analyse your data, you can select the columns to be read.

Best wishes Jens