Data outputs for Psychopy

Hi guys!

I wanted to check if there is a way to achieve both the .csv file and .xlsx file for the data outputs. I have a randomized routine/trial and the .csv file shows the randomized order. I would like to achieve the original order of the stimuli that I’ve created in the .xlsx format as well. Is there any way to achieve that?

Many thanks!

Select “sequential” rather than “random” as your loop type.

Hi Michael,

I would still like it to be random for my loop type. Would that still be possible? My colleague, she used to get both xlsx and csv file type in the past even though the loop type is random.

OK, so now I’m confused about what the question is. The loop type has no influence on the data format. Could you back up a step and re-pose your question in more exact terms?

But regardless, as a general recommendation, you should not use the Excel data output format (I really wish it would be disabled). That file does some summarising and processing, and you really should only use the .csv output and do all the processing yourself from its raw trial-by-trial data.