Csv and xlsx data file problems

My design consists of presenting some pictures and then answering one of the two questions, which repeats for 3 blocks. In one question they will give a typing response, while in another one, they will give a Likert scale response. However, I have some problems with a data file.

In the cvs data file that I do not need. Is there a way to not save these columns?

Secondly, in the xlsx data file, it is written inside the “” sign in the typing response questions. This makes the analysis very error-prone. But I don’t see the same “” sign in the cvc data file. What could be the reason and how can I solve it?

Thank you very much in advance.

You can avoid some columns being created by removing the tick from save onset/offset times and from isTrials for loops.

The issue with your numeric response is that there is a space after most of the numbers. You could change the value to an integer in code and then save the data to a new column.

Thanks for the feedback.
I do not record the onset of the set time in the routine components. If I understand your suggestion correctly, you tell me the loop has an onset offset time and that I should remove its thick. But I couldn’t find where to set the onset off time of the loop, and when I remove the trial thick, it does not save the blocks to the data file.

In your suggestion for the numeric response, you just say that the code will save the data as a new column. I want to remove the “” sign in the existing column without creating a new column.