.csv file contains only one value/answer per trial

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: My experiment seemed to be working okay, but just as I was about to start running it, I noticed my .csv file was practially containing no relevant data for me, with only one value per loop (the last value). It’s disregarding all the previous answers. Otherwise it contains all possible values from between the loops (key presses and answers in the consent, sociodemographics, welcome screen, instructions…).

Now, I’ve built this experiment based on my previous one which worked fine with regards to the data retrieved, I’m wondering what might have changed.

What I did so far: I checked the properties>data and reviewed my whole experiment in the builder. I varied the logging level and tried out a few options with different data perview, but nothing changed with respect to the missing data. The only thing that strikes me is the fact my input data from the contional files are also missing in the .cvs with the respective values.

I’d be very grateful for any ideas/advice what to manipulate to obtain the data!

Hi @Mina, you have to check “is trials” in your loops. Also, be aware that at the moment participants are able to get to the next trial by pressing “return” even if the text is empty. To prevent this, you have to turn off “Force end of routine” in your “submit” key. If you do this, there is still a problem with your code, because it does not remove line breaks and allows the participant to continue by pressing “return” three times. So, it seems like you still have to debug the code that removes the line breaks.

Hope that helps!

Hey Ajus, thank you very much for your speedy response! This trial thing was supposed to be so obvious, but for me it wasn’t at the given moment, so thanks again for resolving the great mystery! :slight_smile:

I know I should have debugged the codes, but I didn’t know how to, so I just ended up allowing participants to submit empty textboxes. The problem that occured (at some point, not from the start) with the code snippets I took over from Becca is that even after pressing the return button for 3 times the participants’ answers wouldn’t submit, even if the textbox wasn’t empty. So I basically overwrote the code by allowing to force the end of the routine.