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Creating Text Frame for Participant to Fill In

I am in the process of creating a spaced learning experiment using the PsychoPy Builder. All is going very well and I am enjoying using the program, however I have come up against an issue.

What I am trying to do is create a free recall element. The idea being that a participant has previously been asked to remember 20 pairs of words, in the format LEFTWORD - RIGHTWORD. What I want to do now is test them on this, simple enough.

The participant is given 5 minutes to recall as many word pairs as possible. But what I would like is for them to fill-in-the-blanks. I want to have on screen a frame, that they can just put the words into. For example:
_________ - __________
_________ - __________
_________ - __________

So far I have tried creating a frame such as this as an image and adding it as a stimulus and then getting a text input to type over the top, but I’m having no luck, and also am unable to configure the program to layer the words over the correct places on the image.

Can anyone advise me on whether what I want is even possible, and if so, what would be the most effective way to do about it?

Many Thanks
Shona :slight_smile:

It is possible but it will need quite a lot of coding I’m afraid.